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Energy Information Management
Understand, Procure and Use Energy More Successfully

For most companies, energy costs and the related management expenses are a multi-million dollar budget consideration. Between tracking data, monitoring market changes, validating rates, detecting and resolving billing errors and developing and analyzing cost and usage exception reports, you can spend a significant amount of the two most precious resources: time and money. How can you understand, procure and use energy better in the face of these challenges?

Priority Power Management's Energy Information Service (EIS) provides cost-effective solutions to companies that want to maximize all of the opportunities available to manage, monitor and reduce energy costs. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most accurate information, comprehensive analysis and state-of-the-art technology to empower them to maximize every opportunity in the energy marketplace. In addition, because we have been in this business since long before deregulation and other factors affected the marketplace, we are able to give you an expert look at your total energy picture, and then provide you with solutions and strategies to streamline your entire process. Key Components of EIS Processing

Priority Power Management's EIS offering provides clients access to enhanced energy information, automated audit and control mechanisms and Web-based information presentment and reporting capabilities. The result is a comprehensive utility bill management solution that enables significant improvement in overall accuracy, reduction of late fees and access to detailed usage and consumption data that can be leveraged to provide considerable energy procurement savings. Key elements of Priority Power Management's EIS include:

Utility Bill Processing and Information Access - To maximize efficiencies in the payables portion of your business, Priority Power Management can assume all aspects of your bill processing, from data entry to bill payment, including capturing key cost and usage information that will allow you to proactively plan and enable quick and easy on-time payment of accurate energy invoices.

By utilizing Priority Power Management's centralized Client Service Center, your utility bills are received, opened, sorted and batched and quickly converted to electronic files for more efficient, accurate and traceable processing. And, since information is centralized, standardized and readily accessible via the Internet, our Customer Service Center and Support Group professionals are always available to offer quick answers to and resolution of all inquiries.

Energy Bill Analysis - Processing your utility bills is only one part of our energy information management service. By supplying additional value within our solution, our experienced analysts provide a full range of analytical and data mining services designed to turn raw data into valuable and useful information. During this process, we look not only for identification and resolution of possible billing errors, we will also help you identify and implement other energy savings opportunities in the marketplace.

Robust Reporting - To enable your accounting department to accurately account for each expense and provide facility management personnel with the appropriate data for proactive and strategic decision-making, Priority Power Management offers detailed, site-by-site cost reporting, comparison reports that identify inefficiencies at your enterprise-wide facilities, forecasting tools that analyze past usage and comparisons of year-to-date performance against annual figures. Priority Power Management Advantages

As one of the leading energy management and consulting firms, Priority Power Management strives to provide cost-effective solutions to companies that want to maximize all of the opportunities available in their efforts to manage, monitor and reduce their energy costs.

Priority Power Management's Energy Information Services Group is dedicated to providing its clients with accurate information, comprehensive analysis and forward-looking technology in order to empower them to maximize every opportunity in the energy marketplace.
  • receive all of your utility bills and audit them for more than 30 financial and consumption variables;
  • provide an energy cost and consumption warehouse with more than 25 different reports and graphs; and
  • execute to guaranteed service levels to ensure bills are paid on a timely basis.