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Energy Risk Management
Today’s energy prices are as volatile as ever, requiring significant management resources and budget planning. PPM’s experienced personnel will assist you in the development of a disciplined price risk management program to provide price certainty in the highly volatile energy marketplace. Our objective is to review and evaluate the components of the client’s price risk and recommend specific strategies to accomplish the customer's objectives.

Many clients utilizing PPM’s services receive the following benefits:
  • Predictable energy prices
  • Reduction in volatility
  • Reliable planning and budgeting
Some specific tasks performed for our clients include:
  • Assist in the identification, assessment, development, and implementation of a price risk management strategy
  • Evaluate fundamental and technical factors influencing pricing and provide associated market updates
  • Create pricing targets tied to specific benchmarking mechanisms
  • Assess on-going price risk as it relates to short and long-term price targets
  • Execute hedging transactions on clients behalf
  • Prepare periodic reports for client management detailing all hedged and open positions
  • Continuously assess the program's objectives versus the ultimate outcome